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Positive statements can change your day

To avoid negative thoughts we have a tip for you – use affirmations! You have surely already heard about affirmations by now because the word has exploded this year and is often used in the same sentence as self-care and wellness. Anything that can make you change your daily life for the better is a win, and affirmations really can.

How do I use affirmations?

Choose a couple of affirmations that you feel strongly about, then repeat the statement until you believe it. This can for some people sound ridiculous but it is proven that affirmations can affect your performance. You can see affirmations as a mental exercise, you are changing the patterns in your mind, and after some time your mind learns to act differently. It’s really cool how you can affect this aspect of yourself for the better.

Self-love affirmations

Here are some of our favorite affirmations for self-love.

I am comfortable around other people.

I choose to move my focus on happy experiences

I am inhaling confidence and exhaling fear

I am capable of handling my responsibilities

These affirmations were found here. But there are plenty of websites giving examples of good affirmations to use.