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Meditation exercise for beginners

Do you want to see and discover the beauty of meditation that everyone is fuzzing about? Then let us help you! We have a good tip on how to slowly start your meditation journey. Meditation is perfect for the stressed person or just anyone who likes the feeling of calmness and being in the present.

Walking meditation

If you are a person that can sit still or if you are a low energy person doesn’t matter for this exercise – walking is always a good way to start. Walking is proven to be good for your body and truly for your soul to soak up energy from nature. But this specific exercise is not about nature it’s about being in the present. Let’s start!

How to do beginners meditation exercise

  1. Take you to a quiet place so you don’t need to think about other people observing you.
  2. Walk 20 steps – then you stop and take deep breaths.
  3. Continue to walk, and now try to observe what you see. Look at the flowers, the wind making the leaves dance. Look closely for what’s happening around you.
  4. How does it feel when you walk? Are your legs heavy? Is it cold? Be aware of your body’s movement.
  5. How does it sound when you walk? Are you walking quietly on the grass or can you hear the crunch of walking in the snow?
  6. Observe how your body is feeling today. Are your legs heavy? Do you feel happy? Maybe tired or in peace? Feel and reflect.

The meaning of this activity is to be aware of the thing we usually doesn’t even notice. The thing we do automatically. To expose the feelings we don’t normally sense.

Did you try this exercise?

Please let us know your thoughts. Do you want us to share more meditation activities or not. We want to give you great content so please give us feedback!

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to be present.

XOXO / Hippie Queens