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Boho styles for inspiration

On this page we want to inspire you with our favourite boho clothes and free spirits outfits that makes you feel as good as you look. We love diversity. We love to stand out. How boring if everyone would dress the same? How boring to dress in black? Make a statement with color, texts or structures that makes people turn around. We love boho clothing for several reasons but the obvious best part is that when it feels good it looks good. Color makes you shine!

The trendy bohostyle

The boho style is really trendy and has been a couple of years now. Not only clothes, even home decor and everything with the name boho connected is just glowing at the moment. Will boho clothing be untrendy soon? No. And to be fair, who cares if it is? We still love the boho style – trendy or not.

What is bohemian fashion?

Bohemian fashion is colorful and comfortable. The typical bohemian fashion probably takes your mind to long maxi dresses with a romantic print to it and maybe a hat for the extra touch, but, Bohemian fashion is a lot more than dresses. T-shirt with cool prints, you can actually add all kind of prints to create your boho style. The big no no for boho clothing I would say is clothes that is too tight. The clothes can be flowing, is often big and comfy and looks good on every body type.

Bohemian fashion is strongly connected to hippie clothes, the 70´s styles and Retro prints. The perfect mix. Its always a win to use powerful accessories like big colorful jewelry.

Bohemian clothing with nature in mind

Our favorite boho clothing brands always keep the nature in mind. Don’t forget that we only have one planet and its our responsibility to take care of it. Eco friendly feels better to wear, end of story. We also love when you can create new items from old, so many things we can beautify just through some color or iron stickers, a little bit of sewing or adding pearls, there is never ending possibilities to take care of old fabrics. We will actually share some diy videos related to this later on.

Where do I find boho clothing online?

Right now we are scanning the internet to find our favourite boho clothing outfits to give you great inspiration! We just need a couple of more days and you will find great stuff here, so don’t forget to come back soon!